White Dressing Table – 3116

White oak dressing table

“Evrica” Furniture Factory realizes the timeless power of retro interiors. They are never old-fashioned and at the same time enhance the style and prestige of their owners. One of our most beautiful models is a white dressing table. With exquisite design and fine workmanship, it is an exquisite addition to any bedroom.

If you want to be surrounded by eternal beauty, the catalog offers you this truly exquisite designer jewellery. It is in Baroque style – a white dress that honors every lady with requirements and taste. In our production you will find many elegant products. However, this one is more than special – the first among flat and luxurious.


The model does not impress with its dimensions 900/780/450, nor with intricate ornamentation. However, everyone who cares about class and impeccability, can not help but become enchanted by this beauty, which is made by special technology and with the most modern equipment.

The product has a traditional rectangular top, hatched with a very fine thread. The base is designed in a retro style and according to the catalog has a drawer decorated with appropriate hardware. He lies on four curved legs. It looks like a white dressing table, but the elegance you see in the illustration is only for the chosen, connoisseurs and connoisseurs.


The product is made of solid oak material, enriched with a special white finish with removed pores. The combination shows the flutter of the tree. The effect is impressive and inimitable. You can order a white dressing table from another type of material – beech, cherry or linden, but exactly this shade and density can not be achieved with them.

The model is very popular and if necessary you can order it with two drawers and a mirror. It fits perfectly in any bedroom and illuminates even a smaller room. The product is so perfect in its simplicity that it could easily find a place in places such as hotels or beauty salons that serve a select clientele, as well as in any bedroom in a boutique hotel apartment.

“Evrica” Furniture Factory never saves on quality materials, but its production is not one of those whose maintenance is a challenge. Every housewife will easily manage to maintain her white dressing table and will even be proud of the patina of time and the strengthening of its retro charm with long-term use.

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We use solid type of wood: oak, cherry, beech or lime. Also a combination of solid wood and natural veneered

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