TV cabinet – 3113

Classic TV cabinet

We present you a mini version of a TV cabinet – TV cabinet. The model is compact and functional and does not take up much space in home furnishing. If you have a small home and you need to save space, this furniture is a great solution for the home.

If you are wondering where to place the TV so that it does not take up much space a TV cabinet is available. With its comfortable rectangular surface, exquisite curved legs in a classic style and the drawer in the middle, it looks simple, stylish and proportionate.


The model is made with sizes 1110/700/450, but can also be made with other sizes. It is also boutique and multifunctional — it finds space in the dining room, bedroom, or even the office. The colour is not mandatory – you can choose a colour to your liking from the menu “Colours” on the site. It is also available with a finish of an aged finish, which makes it ideal for interiors in the current vintage style. Thanks to which, even with this small cabinet, you can turn your home into a flower garden, and the living room into a paradise for relaxation.

TV cabinet is made of solid wood and panels with natural veneer, but at the request of customers, can be made entirely of solid wood – oak, beech, linden or cherry. The model is produced with a large drawer that can hold not only the remotes, but also the discs with your favourite movies.


Although it looks expensive and boutique, this furniture is extremely easy to maintain. Just use a dry cloth to clean it of dust and it is ready to use again.

TV cabinet, as well as all furniture of the factory “Evrica” are made according to the eco standards for furniture production and are covered with a special protective lacquer coating, which makes them resistant to injuries and weathering. And it is completely safe for human health and the environment.

And yet – if it happens that your favourite closet is with traces of scratches on the surface – call us. In just a few days we will return it to you as new – an advantage that chipboard and MDF furniture can not boast. And with proper use and storage TV cabinet can serve you for life.

High quality wood

We use solid type of wood: oak, cherry, beech or lime. Also a combination of solid wood and natural veneered

99% happy customers

Our main client is up middle class who is interested in furniture with added value. Long lifetime quality
furniture items to decorate their habitat (hall, corridor, living room, study room…)

20 years warranty

We don’t just guarantee the best prices, we also guarantee the best quality. Every single item is built to last, so you can buy our furniture with complete trust and confidence.

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