Solid wood wardrobe – 3130

Do you need an elegant and multifunctional wardrobe? “Evrica” Furniture Factory offers to your attention:

Solid wood wardrobe to order

The model is made of natural high quality wood from oak, beech, cherry or linden. You can order it in different colours, which you can see in the “Colours” section of the site, with custom sizes. In case you need help, our staff can take the dimensions from your home.

The design of the wardrobe allows you to install it in the corner of any room in the house — the hallway, the living room, the bedroom. The top row of cabinets allows us to store in them blankets, shoes, or other things that we do not need or do not want to see. The two double wardrobes allow you to store your clothes and belongings in a form that meets all your requirements. The single section can be used to store other items and accessories you need.


The turned external columns give a stylish and refined design to the section. And its size is more than enough to fit in it, everything you need.

This solid wood wardrobe offers not only comfort and functionality, but is also extremely stable. Unlike the closets, whose doors are swept over time, as well as other wardrobes made of MDF boards and veneered chipboard, here you will not have to worry about such a thing. The solid wood withstands all tests, and the lacquer coating protects it from the weather.


Beautifully decorated handles, which you can also choose to your liking, contribute to the aristocratic design of this extremely functional furniture. And with sizes according to the 1850/1360/2150 standard, it will surely satisfy the requirements of every woman.

The advantages of a solid wood wardrobe are numerous, but it is best to see for yourself. First of all, you have furniture that can fit your entire set of clothes that you use. The upper section of lockers allows you to store in them everything that you do not need often and that you do not need constantly. Its beautiful design ensures that it will easily fit into any classic interior, and in the catalog of the factory “Evrica” you can find many suitable furniture with which to combine this beautiful wardrobe.

High quality wood

We use solid type of wood: oak, cherry, beech or lime. Also a combination of solid wood and natural veneered

99% happy customers

Our main client is up middle class who is interested in furniture with added value. Long lifetime quality
furniture items to decorate their habitat (hall, corridor, living room, study room…)

20 years warranty

We don’t just guarantee the best prices, we also guarantee the best quality. Every single item is built to last, so you can buy our furniture with complete trust and confidence.

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