Pouf – 5072

Pouf with luxurious fabric and Swarovski buttons


The furniture production and the interior design have been developing up to now as a guarantee for more untraditional solutions. It is very interesting to be seen how the fashion trends from the platforms also become as a part of the home interior. The latest offer done by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’ is the pouf model with luxurious fabric and decorated with Swarovski buttons. Your guests will not be indifferent to this luxurious and elegant pouf model.

The furniture at your home and at work is the same, what is changing is its design. However, there are interesting innovations which are already an obligatory part of the furniture factory ‘Eureka’s catalogue.

Although that we have gained some popularity as manufacturers of high-quality solid furniture in classical style, when looking at our catalogue, you can see a lot of eccentric and very modern samples like this pouf model.

This pouf model has been a real hit in the market. The pouf model and the rest of the furniture of this type are the modern challenge to the best known stools. This pouf model is characterised by its simple shape, stable construction and strength. The most important advantage of the pouf model is its small size and its mobility. You will decide if the pouf model will be a playful element which emphasizes the magnificence or the cosiness in the interior or if it will be especially very useful but unostentatious piece of furniture.

The comfort of this pouf model is guaranteed as every piece of furniture from the catalogue of “Evrica”. Its lines are symmetric and the pouf model is produced to order with the following measures-500/500/500.

This solution differs with exceptional luxurious manufacture. This unostentatious piece of furniture attracts the attention in the interior because it is with expensive plush fabric and decorated with Swarovski buttons.

The usual application of every pouf is to raise your legs high in front of the armchair in order to relax for some time. The pragmatic working mothers use it as a modern chair for their children. If you refer to our practical customers, we do advise you that you choose from the great variety of fabrics from the menu ‘Fabrics’. Those of you who appreciate the tempting luxurious atmosphere have the freedom to choose the Swarovski buttons and leather upholstery. You can see their samples from the menu ‘Leathers’.

In this case we want to advise you that you use this pouf model as a decoration or as an original table for magazines, coffee and you can also use this luxurious pouf model in your bedroom too. Every demanding lady will appreciate her pouf model in front of the dressing table as an exceptionally comfortable and efficient piece of furniture.

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We use solid type of wood: oak, cherry, beech or lime. Also a combination of solid wood and natural veneered

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