Leather pouf – 5075

An exceptionally stylish leather pouf


The furniture factory “Evrica” is proud of its high-quality furniture, authority in the international market but we do satisfy the actual commercial demand. You can find in our catalogue classical as well as modern solutions for furnishing your home. In our company you can also find some non standard solutions-hybrids, they carry the quality and stateliness of the traditions and modern design. Our leather pouf model is an impressive sample for this, it is more than a simple piece of furniture used for sitting.

It enjoys an exceptional interest referring to the actuality of this type of furniture. We produce it to order with the following measures: 450/880/880. These measures contribute to its versatile applications.

Our leather pouf model is not only a simple piece of furniture designed for sitting or only to put your legs near the armchairs, but it is a real designer treasure. We also produce the leather pouf model in rectangular shape and moreover, we will impress you with its advantages which make it a precious option for every modern interior design.

It is a practical piece of furniture, but also it is an accessory which offers an additional elegance in the interior design without being obtrusive. Its legs are too low that you are free to use it not only as a classical stool but also as a children’ s chair for you little guests. The leather pouf is a small and so easy to move piece of furniture that you can use it in every place at home in order to help you in everything you do.

The leather pouf model can help you while you are putting on your shoes. You can also transform it into a stand for fashion magazines or the book you read before falling asleep or into a small coffee table.

Its leather fabric is very easy to maintain clean but at the same time, it offers an elegant authority to the furniture in the room. In order to make your life easy, we offer to you an option to manufacture this leather pouf model according to your personal measures and even we can upholster it with different types of leathers and fabrics. You can choose the most suitable for you from the menus ‘Leathers’ and ‘Fabrics’ on our site.

We advise you that you comply with the basic positions when you select the colour. If you want to place the leather pouf in your living-room or bedroom, it is recommended that it is in the same colour as the sofas and armchairs, in this way you will have a furniture suite.

If you want to experiment, you can have a combination but it has to be in suitable colours. Even if it is not in the same colour as the rest part of the furniture, it will be ok, if it fits the cushions, for example.

High quality wood

We use solid type of wood: oak, cherry, beech or lime. Also a combination of solid wood and natural veneered

99% happy customers

Our main client is up middle class who is interested in furniture with added value. Long lifetime quality
furniture items to decorate their habitat (hall, corridor, living room, study room…)

20 years warranty

We don’t just guarantee the best prices, we also guarantee the best quality. Every single item is built to last, so you can buy our furniture with complete trust and confidence.

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