French bench – 5071

French bench – an elegant addition to a bedroom


It will turn out to be a favourite piece of furniture for you and your family. The French bench model is a curious model in the furniture factory ‘Eureka’s catalogue. Its usual application is for a spacious bedroom with classical furniture. It is placed in front of the bed and blankets and pillows are arranged over it, for example. The French bench model, however, is more than a beautiful addition to the ensemble suitable for the room, we usually have a rest.

You can place the French model in your living-room, near the piano, if you have such, as an addition to the square table or simply as an additional piece of furniture on which you can serve tea. The gorgeous French bench model is a kind of a model which provides you with the opportunity to use your imagination and to choose the best combination for you.

You will not see this French bench model in every home. The reason is not because its functions can be realised by different types of some other furniture. This model is simply a standard addition to home interiors where people with great financial capabilities live, where attention is paid to every detail.

The French bench model is an elegant continuation of the furniture in every living-room which offers enough space and refined atmosphere. It is extremely useful when you have a lot of guests, what is important is that it is unostentatious in the complete suite, it is easily moved from one place to another and it offers an impressive aesthetic effect.

The French bench model differs from the rest furniture in our catalogue because it has an interesting carving by which the wooden part of the model is decorated. A feeling of uniqueness and difference in the whole configuration is suggested.

You have the freedom to emphasize the effect of the elegant designer’s solution as choosing carefully the fabric and the colour of the wooden base from the menus ‘Fabrics’ and ‘Colours’.

The model has classic measures 480/1140/360. It is comfortable, light and you have to try to imagine this French bench model upholstered in leather and painted in dark colour legs. This will not erase the beauty of the model but it will make it visually more solid and impressive.

This elegant French bench model enjoys an exceptional popularity in the Russian market. Russian people cannot be indifferent to this gorgeous model which introduces delicate elegance in their homes and the price is a decent one.

We advise the other part of our customers that they think on the opportunity to arrange the interior of their offices reception-halls, VIP apartments in their hotels and cosmetic studios only for selected customers as well as the consulting rooms in the private medical centres.

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We use solid type of wood: oak, cherry, beech or lime. Also a combination of solid wood and natural veneered

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