Nest of tables – 2006

A nice and elegant nest of tables


The nest of tables is a very good offer made by the furniture factory “Evrica”; it is very suitable for housewives, big families or people working with children.

Our company knows well its customers, their high quality needs, nice design and the last but not least a practical piece of furniture. We are proud that our production includes all these three components. As a proof of that is the elegant nest of tables we are offering to our customers’ attention.

Housewives meet their relatives and friends with their children with pleasure. As good hosts they try to take care of the adults’ as well as children’s comfort. Children can always take their place close to their parents but undoubtedly they will feel more special and it will be more interesting for them if they take their seats on the comfortable and elegant nest of tables. What is more, this piece of furniture would be a wonderful addition to the interior design of the people who have taste for the artistic.

The standard catalogue measures of the nest of tables are the following: 500/520/340, 395/ 440/340, 270/360/340 but it can be also produced according to our customers’ preferred measures. Concerning the colours, you have the freedom to choose among 18 different colours from the menu ‘Colours’ on our site, or the natural coating of the wood preserved by protective lacquer.

Each of these three tables presents a simple but a very elegant classical construction consisting of a rectangular board and four solid legs. The models are decorated with nice carving along the board edge and ovals at both legs ends. The three tables are very nice but they are also very strong. It is undoubtedly that they will follow the growth of our customers’ children but they will be also used by the grand children during their growing. When it is necessary, you can take them out and then you can take them easily in –one under another. Let’s summarise, having the nest of tables at your home, you are ready for every occasion and the most important thing is that you do not waste precious space.

The nest of tables can be produced from beech, cherry-tree, oak-tree or lime-tree in a colour that will respond to the other part of the interior design and which you can find in the great variety of colours offered in our company site.

The nest of tables is produced from solid wood and naturally veneered panels but it can be also produced completely from solid wood. Children clubs and private kindergarten’s owners will highly appreciate this nest of tables, the opportunity to choose the perfect measure for them, the quantity discount the company offers and the fact that they are produced to be exported to France.

High quality wood

We use solid type of wood: oak, cherry, beech or lime. Also a combination of solid wood and natural veneered

99% happy customers

Our main client is up middle class who is interested in furniture with added value. Long lifetime quality
furniture items to decorate their habitat (hall, corridor, living room, study room…)

20 years warranty

We don’t just guarantee the best prices, we also guarantee the best quality. Every single item is built to last, so you can buy our furniture with complete trust and confidence.

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