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French cabinet – 3006

A French cabinet model produced from solid wood


The great variety of furniture in the catalogue of the furniture factory “Evrica” has proven to have excellent quality and loyal customers. You can rely on our company  not only for producing different types of elements of the interior design  but also for  creating different design of one and the same piece of furniture. The French cabinet model, that is being presented, is a typical example for the above mentioned. It is a simple but an elegant representative of a category consisting of more than twenty samples.

The French cabinet model is a luxurious solution with the following measures: 1000/850/500 and it can be produced from beech, cherry, oak or lime-tree and it perfectly fits the bigger part of our catalogue furniture.

The French cabinet model offers a very simple design-a broad board which can be easily transformed into a coffee table and three comfortable drawers. This stable construction is based on four small legs which become thinner at the end. The only decoration on the French cabinet is its fine facing.

It is obvious that this elegant French cabinet model is very practical; it will be a perfect choice for the place where you would like to place it. In this French cabinet you can store not only your clothes but you can also zone the place if it is bigger. If you like to have a TV set in your bedroom, you can use this French cabinet model for storing your clothes and also a place where you can place the TV set. Otherwise, you can place flowers pots, vases, souvenirs, etc. on this French cabinet.

This French cabinet model can be also used to furnish hotels and guests houses, it looks great, it is easily maintained and a special type of maintenance is not necessary in order to keep its elegant appearance in the course of time. Another important advantage of this French cabinet model is that you can place it in every room-in the bedroom as an additional cabinet under the window, in the living-room near the fireplace, you can form a corner where you can relax and last but not least in the corridor. It will look perfect even in the kitchen.

That’s why the French cabinet model is one of our best selling furniture models-its unostentatious elegance, beauty and various application make it a perfect choice for people who like classical furniture. You are provided with the opportunity to choose the colour you prefer for the French cabinet model, you can do this from the menu ‘Colours’ on our company site. What is more, we produce this cabinet model in a combination of solid wood and naturally veneered panels. We offer to the people, who appreciate the highest quality, to produce this French cabinet model completely from solid wood.

High quality wood

We use solid type of wood: oak, cherry, beech or lime. Also a combination of solid wood and natural veneered

99% happy customers

Our main client is up middle class who is interested in furniture with added value. Long lifetime quality
furniture items to decorate their habitat (hall, corridor, living room, study room…)

20 years warranty

We don’t just guarantee the best prices, we also guarantee the best quality. Every single item is built to last, so you can buy our furniture with complete trust and confidence.

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